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ABZs of South Florida

ABZs of South Florida

Meet the lovely hostesses of the ABZs’ Business-Crawl in the Delray Beach Marketplace April 24, 2014; (L-R) Sharon Batte, Shana Overhulser and Tracey Zetti. The ABZs holds what they call monthly “Business-Crawls”!

  • The ABZs of South Florida showcases diverse restaurants in the South Florida region area-by-area each month. Networking gurus and business executives have a chance to visit three restaurants in a three hour time period tasting different tapas and a discounted signature cocktail all each venue.
  • Upcoming dates: May 28, June 11, July 23 and August 20.
  • For more info and to prepay please visit: http://www.RNIFla.com – 561-670-4452